C6005 Node Runs!

Charmander, the C6005 node, runs outside of its chassis!  A few pictures of what I’ve done.

I couldn’t find my pin extractor, so I used two staples. It took me a long time, but I only had to solder one wire.
Down the middle are the two “No Connection” pins, and the one in the outer corner is the brown line that I haven’t analyzed yet. The system runs fine without it for now.
All connected up
We have post!
Ubuntu LiveCD with ServeTheHome.com up to test connectivity 🙂

This first node is going in a custom Backblaze-inspired chassis build.  I ordered a bunch of parts from FrozenCPU for it and have laid out what I can in the chassis.  Once I plan out how the hard drive cradles will work it’ll be time for playing with metal.  So far though everything is fitting together even better than I could have hoped!

This will be the first part of my 1980’s inspired rack build.  Hopefully it goes well since the others are counting on it.




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