7 comments on “Old is New: 3D Printing Parts for a Canadian Production Wheel

  1. i recently bought two Canadian production wheels, I would like to enquire about extra bobbins, etc. thank you kb

    • I’ve not actually thought about making them for sale, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make more. Shoot me an email, houstin [at] lichtwald.com

    • What kind of wheel do you have? So far each one that I’ve made copies for I’ve had to sit and draft up by hand, but maybe yours will have something in common with what I’ve done so far.

  2. I have a Ashford Tradational spinning wheel and looking for an 3-D Jumbo Flyer for it. Have you made a flyer or have any suggestions?

    • I haven’t, at least not for a traddy. I did print a flyer for one. The local hardware store has small screw hooks, so I designed pilot holes into the STL, and then with a heat gun, heated it up and pushed it onto the axle.

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