Man-Portable 3d Printed Hexbeam Antenna

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After being frustrated with 3 element beams and towers during field days past, I wanted to build something that gives me most of the benefits of a beam, but fits in a hatchback and can be setup by myself.

After finding some inspiration online, I bought 6 13′ Shakespeare TPS13 fishing poles and fired up my 3d printer.

The center core fits on the top section of an MGS mast with 2 nylon set screws to hold it in place. 3 bolts with wingnuts clamp the rods into place.

I even added a choke/1:1 unun inside at the feedpoint to minimize external parts

After the core and poles are assembled, wire guides go on the outside of the poles. Shock cord is added between the open poles to act as a tensioner/shock absorber.

Right now I just have a 20m element cut, but intend to add 10 and 6 (maybe 15 and 17 too)

Balun – or 5943001601 or 2643803802, Connector AMP 083-878, Screwposts 111-2223-001, RG-316

6x Shakespeare TSP13 or B&M BW4

  • Qty 2(per wire element): Locking Spade Connectors 8007K56
  • Qty 3: Wingnuts 92001A321
  • Qty 3: Pan Head Screw 90604A541
  • Qty 3: Fender Washers 91525A129
  • Qty 2: Plastic Screw 94564A310

Sized to mount on MGS Mk-4-Ext Mast, but any 1.5″ OD mast should work.




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