Fitting a Chinese Inductive Sensor on a Clone Prusa i3 mkII with an E3D Titan

On one of my i3 clones based off of the brainworm from Tom’s 3D I upgraded to a genuine i3 and an Titan extruder.  Not only are these really well made (3:1 gearing seems to be magic on 1.75mm filament) but it gives me a lot more peace of mind.

The i3 mkII layout uses an inductive sensor for automatic bedleveling, and since I would like to upgrade to a mk42 bed clone eventually, I wanted to make sure to follow this scheme.  Sadly, the longer non-PINDA probe just doesn’t fit in the mounts bouncing around thingiverse.

Still, worked with this a bit and here’s my solution in a picture:

Inductive sensor fit into an e3d titan

What I did was drill a hole in the base for the probe, and a getaway hole out the side (yes, over the holographic film) for the wire.  My drill speed was a bit aggressive and it chipped off the corner, but once the top was screwed back on everything is solid.


So, hope this helps someone.  It’s been running for about a month and a half for me without issue.




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