3 comments on “Icom HM-151 Microphone Clip

  1. Thank You !
    I bought my IC-7000 used an either didn’t get a clip or lost it.
    I thought about designing one myself and printing it out but just a little search and
    here it is.. Thanks..
    Did you ever think about putting it on Thingiverse so it can be found a little easier?

    de KE8BG

  2. Thanks again:

    Printed a couple of these out today.. PLA 190 degs Solid infill. Plenty springy and seems to
    be strong enough.

    Printed with the tang pointing sideways so the tang layers would be a continuous line of plastic.
    I had printed a plastic remote control antenna cover (duck) vertically and found it was easy
    to snap as there are finite lines between layers.. Could have been my temp was too low on that though.

    • My pleasure! Glad someone finds them useful.

      I warn you though that PLA is never great in cars. Even my nice ABS one failed. I printed a new one in nylon about 8 months ago though, and despite the problems getting it to stick, it’s been working like a champ!

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